Thistle, Omnidawn. 2015. Winner of 2013 Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest.

Short Fiction

Daphne Gets a Job Waiting TablesDream Pop Journal, Issue #7, Spring 2019.

Daphne Has Written Velma Twenty-Eight Unfinished LettersDream Pop Journal, Issue #7, Spring 2019.

Velma Decorates Her House for HalloweenDream Pop Journal, Issue #7, Spring 2019.

Self-Portrait as Velma Dinkley, Passages North, Issue 40. Spring 2019.

Velma Becomes an AthletePassages North, Issue 40. Spring 2019.

Velma Tries Malört, Passages North, Issue 40. Spring 2019.

Velma is the First to LeavePermafrost Magazine, Issue 40.2 – Summer Playlist

This flash fiction was featured on Permafrost Magazine‘s summer playlist, “Ladies in Waiting.” 

Velma Goes Away to a Small College Where No One Knows Her NamePermafrost Magazine, Issue 40.2 – Summer Playlist

Velma Learns to Love the WoodsPermafrost Magazine, Issue 40.2 – Summer Playlist

A Letter Concerning the Fire Damage Done to the Front Parlor, on the Twenty-Fifth of June, 1891, to the Famous Detective, Esq. To Be Left Until Called ForFreezeRay, Issue 14. Fall 2017.

Resurrection Mary Calls an UberMonkeybicycle. July 2017.

Palus BasaltWyvern Lit: HAUNTED Issue, vol ii. 2015.

Unfashioned CreaturesMenacing Hedge. Fall 2015.

“To and Fro,” Stone Highway Review. Winter 2014.

“Figure-8,” Noctua Review. 2014.

“The Lincoln Elephants,” Stirring: A Literary Collection. November 2013.

“Bird Nest,” The Louisiana Review. Spring 2012.

“In Idolness,” Stone Highway Review. Winter 2011.

“Aftershocks,” The Battered Suitcase. Spring 2011.


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