Thistle, Omnidawn. 2015. Winner of 2013 Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest.

Short Fiction

Velma is the First to LeavePermafrost Magazine, Issue 40.2 – Summer Playlist

This flash fiction was featured on Permafrost Magazine‘s summer playlist, “Ladies in Waiting.” 

Velma Goes Away to a Small College Where No One Knows Her NamePermafrost Magazine, Issue 40.2 – Summer Playlist

Velma Learns to Love the WoodsPermafrost Magazine, Issue 40.2 – Summer Playlist

A Letter Concerning the Fire Damage Done to the Front Parlor, on the Twenty-Fifth of June, 1891, to the Famous Detective, Esq. To Be Left Until Called ForFreezeRay, Issue 14. Fall 2017.

Resurrection Mary Calls an UberMonkeybicycle. July 2017.

Palus BasaltWyvern Lit: HAUNTED Issue, vol ii. 2015.

Unfashioned CreaturesMenacing Hedge. Fall 2015.

“To and Fro,” Stone Highway Review. Winter 2014.

“Figure-8,” Noctua Review. 2014.

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“Bird Nest,” The Louisiana Review. Spring 2012.

“In Idolness,” Stone Highway Review. Winter 2011.

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